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Board Meeting

NOTICE OF SPECIAL MEETING LAKE FOREST PARK WATER DISTRICT BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS MONDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2022 @ 12:30 PM The Meeting will be held remotely on Microsoft Teams, join with this link. CALL TO ORDER/ROLL CALL NEW BUSINESS – approximate length of 30 minutes Washington State Auditor’s Office Exit Conference for 2018-2020 Accountability Audit MEETING [...]

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Newsletter 2021 – Fall

WINTER PREPARATION PREPARE FOR WINTER NOW - NO FROZEN PIPES! Now is the time to cover and insulate outdoor spigots, put your hoses away when no longer needed. During freezing weather, any frozen pipes should be thawed slowly and carefully while monitoring for any leaks that may have developed. Outdoor hose bibs are susceptible to [...]

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Newsletter 2021 – Spring

WATER CONSERVATION The District encourages planting of native species. These plants require less water and reduce garden chemicals as they are acclimated to grow in the local environment. Now is a great time to plant native species. Plants have a much easier time acclimating this time of year and let nature do the watering! See [...]

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2020 Water Protector Award

Customers of Lake Forest Park Water District enjoy untreated well water because we pump from an aquifer that has consistently produced an adequate supply of quality water. We value this resource and in an effort to encourage the protection of it, each year the district recognizes someone that has made a prominent effort to protect [...]

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Newsletter 2020 – November

LEAK ALERTS For those that vacation during the winter months especially, leaks that develop inside or outside the house can remain unnoticed until a large water bill, or a flooded basement. There are a number of useful products on the market to alert you in case a leak develops, while also helping you keep an [...]

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King County’s Best Tasting Water 2020

3/17/2020 Some Good News For the second year in a row Lake Forest Park Water District was awarded the “Best Tasting Water in King County”.  This year the District’s water was awarded the 2020 best tasting non-chlorinated drinking water at the Pacific Northwest Subsection of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) Best Tasting Water Competition. [...]

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Newsletter 2020 – February

Emergency Portable Water Filling Stations The District has designed emergency water filling stations that can be easily stored, transported and attached to fire hydrants. Multiple units could be put into service after a regional emergency if there is drinking water available from our system. This is innovative, cost-efficient and effective design from our staff! This [...]

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Newsletter 2019 – October

WATER CONSCIOUS PREPAREDNESS  Want to know strategies to store water? Where to find hidden water sources in your home? How to treat water if no safe source is available and what supplies would be good to have on hand? Download our customizable Emergency Water Plan/Response card, or come in and pick up a copy and [...]

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Newsletter 2019 – April

LFPWD IS LAUNCHING A PLANT EXCHANGE!! Starting this APRIL and running until SEPTEMBER, as you tend your garden and divide plants, consider taking part in the District’s Plant Exchange.  The District has ‘seeded’ the project with starts of Purple Cone Flower, Fringecup, Ocean Spray and Indian Plum along with contributions from District staff’s own yards. [...]

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King County’s Best Tasting Water 2019

Our customers have always appreciated their great tasting water, but to have it recognized as the best in King County makes us a little proud! We want to thank our community for doing their part to recognize and protect our great resource. For the news story please find it at https://www.shorelineareanews.com/2019/03/best-tasting-water-in-king-county-lake.html Pictured below, our General [...]

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