Newsletter 2020 – February

Emergency Portable Water Filling Stations The District has designed emergency water filling stations that can be easily stored, transported and attached to fire hydrants. Multiple units could be put into service after a regional emergency if there is drinking water available from our system. This is innovative, cost-efficient and effective design from our staff! This [...]

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Newsletter 2019 – October

WATER CONSCIOUS PREPAREDNESS  Want to know strategies to store water? Where to find hidden water sources in your home? How to treat water if no safe source is available and what supplies would be good to have on hand? Download our customizable Emergency Water Plan/Response card, or come in and pick up a copy and [...]

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Newsletter 2019 – April

LFPWD IS LAUNCHING A PLANT EXCHANGE!! Starting this APRIL and running until SEPTEMBER, as you tend your garden and divide plants, consider taking part in the District’s Plant Exchange.  The District has ‘seeded’ the project with starts of Purple Cone Flower, Fringecup, Ocean Spray and Indian Plum along with contributions from District staff’s own yards. [...]

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Newsletter 2018 – October

The District requires full access to its well fields for maintenance and emergencies. Recently a primary well in our McKinnon Well Field required pump replacement. The well drillers and staff accessed the well with heavy equipment and the pump replacement was completed over a week’s time. For more information read complete newsletter at: 2018_10_lfpwd_newsletter

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Newsletter 2018 – April

Do you have an improperly abandoned well? Occasionally we hear from residents who have old wells on their property. There are thousands of abandoned wells in WA State. Improperly abandoned wells can provide a direct pathway for contamination into an aquifer. Only professional well drillers using specialized materials and equipment should decommission wells. Landowners in [...]

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Newsletter 2017 – September

  LFPWD and our Advisory Committee attended the City of Brier Night Out on August 1. Our drinking water is sourced from aquifers that flow under both the City of LFP and City of Brier. The District booth stressed aquifer education and activities that can potentially pollute drinking water sourced from wells. We distributed 125 [...]

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Newsletter 2017 – May

DISTRICT PARTICIPATION AT LFP GREEN FAIR, LAKE FOREST PARK & BROOKSIDE ELEMENTARY SCIENCE FAIRS We hope we saw you at the LFP Green Fair where LFPWD Advisory members and staff hosted water tasting and a plant give away. Comparison taste sampling of our non-treated water to chlorinated drinking was available. Native plants given away as [...]

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Newsletter 2016 – May

District staff and Advisory Committee members presented at this year’s Green Fair. Many customers stopped by as well as residents who wished they were customers! As part of the District display table, the District provided samples of our water and there were many compliments regarding the taste of LFPWD water.   Download the entire May [...]

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Newsletter 2015 September

LFPWD CITIZEN ADVISORY COMMITTEE We are fortunate to have a group of LFP residents working to protect your drinking water. Current Advisory projects include: Drilling of test wells to be done this fall by geology students from North Seattle Community College to assess location of LFPWD’S Critical Aquifer Recharge Area (CARA). Locating and reporting on [...]

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