Lake Forest Park Water District

is a special purpose water district at the north end of Lake Washington in King County, Washington. The District serves 910 connections with pure, unchlorinated well water from 8 artesian wells and 5 deep wells from the Mckinnon and Horizon View wellfields.


  Lake Forest Park Water District strives to provide high quality water, sourced from our local aquifer, at the lowest reasonable cost, while investing in our infrastructure and maintaining the highest level of customer service.

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Newsletter 2021 – Spring

WATER CONSERVATION The District encourages planting of native species. These plants require less water and reduce garden chemicals as they are acclimated to grow in the local [...]

2020 Water Protector Award

Customers of Lake Forest Park Water District enjoy untreated well water because we pump from an aquifer that has consistently produced an adequate supply of quality water. [...]

Newsletter 2020 – November

LEAK ALERTS For those that vacation during the winter months especially, leaks that develop inside or outside the house can remain unnoticed until a large water bill, [...]

King County’s Best Tasting Water 2020

3/17/2020 Some Good News For the second year in a row Lake Forest Park Water District was awarded the “Best Tasting Water in King County”.  This year [...]