General FAQs

Taste or Odor?

Normally our water has no detectable odor, however some customers may notice that after returning from a trip, or after replacing their water heater, the hot water has a sulfur smell, a bit like rotten eggs. Newer water heaters have set the thermostat lower than was typical in the past, and more frequently use magnesium [...]

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FAQ Sheet

Lake Forest Park Water District has compiled this information to better inform our customers about the District and your water. Can I pay my bill by credit or debit card? We do not currently accept credit or debit cards. You can mail or drop off your payment using check or cash with the stub enclosed [...]

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Winterize Your Pipes

Late October is a great time to make sure that your house is ready for the winter. This includes our water pipes. Frozen pipes, when thawed, can result in flooding, property damage and a high water bill! Here are some tips:Winterize outdoor spigots before the temperature dips below freezing.Don't forget your yard hydrant! [...]

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Backflow & Cross Connection

Annual Backflow Inspection Report FORM What is a cross connection? A link between your drinking water system and a source of contamination, a way for "bad stuff" to get into your good clean drinking water. The term "cross connection" means any actual or potential connection (piping/hose) between a public water system and a source of [...]

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