The District uses contractors listed with MRSC Rosters for small works projects. Larger projects are published in the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce and on our website.


Zone Metering

We are currently installing water flow meters throughout the distribution system that enable us to monitor system demand in various pressure zones. This integrates with our telemetry system to provide real-time and historical information to better operate and diagnose issues in the system.


McKinnon Wellfield Infrastructure and Pumpbuilding

This Project entails rerouting the McKinnon wellfield supply infrastructure and replaces a dilapidated pumphouse with a new solid building that will allow for more robust control.

Zone Metering Monitoring


Well 1 - Pump Replacement

This project replaced the well pump and motor and increased operating efficiency.

NE 178th St - '#3713 to #3369'

A pipe replacement project to upgrade existing deteriorated watermain and avoid conflict with the City of Lake Forest Park's mprovements. Over 1000' of 2" HDPE watermain was installed and construction was managed cooperatively and concurrently with the City's construction.

NE 178th St and 180th St

This project replaced a failed valve cluster and upgraded watermain crossing 180th in preparation for the 178th St. watermain replacement.

Horizon View Backup Well Project - Brightwater- completed 3/14

Construction of backup wells, pump station, and transmission main to mitigate against potential Brightwater Tunnel leakage.

  • Phase I of this project is complete. Trail widening and utility infrastructure to site.
  • Phase II is completed and the system is currently supplying supplemental water to the district.

Ballinger Way PRV - Completed 4/13

Replacement of an aging and malfunctioning Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) chamber that supplies water to the lowest zone in the district, the 'Beach Zone'.  The new PRV chamber is located at the intersection of Ballinger Way and 175th