Paperless Statement Enrollment


Enrolling in Paperless Statements allows you to receive your bills and other important communication from Lake Forest Park Water District electronically via email.  This feature does not include provisions for online payment. Your payment can only be made with cash or check, we do not take payments by credit or debit card


  • Check or Cash
    Since you will not be receiving a bill with an included return envelope, if you plan to mail a personal check you are welcome to request return envelopes at the District office.  To save postage and time, you can drop off your check or cash at the office during business hours, or in the Drop-box just outside the gate. Please do not mail cash. If you are not enclosing a payment stub from your bill, your account number must be indicated on the check in order for us to properly apply your payment. For cash payments, please include a payment stub.
  • Electronic Bill Pay
    Many of our customers elect to use online bill paying services through their bank, which will send us a check via U.S. mail. For example, Bank of America Bill Pay is commonly used. To start using Bill Pay, just log into your bank account and under Bill Pay create a profile for Lake Forest Park Water District with your customer account number included. Once setup, future payments are just a few clicks away.  Please schedule your payments several days in advance of the due date in order to allow for mail delivery.


By choosing Paperless Statements, you consent to receiving your Billing Statements and other notices including Payment Reminders and Newsletters via email for your account. You understand that if you choose Email Only you will no longer receive your Billing Statements and  other notices for this account through U.S. mail. You can change your preferred delivery method by using the form below, or by printing this form and delivering it to the District office.

Requested changes in delivery method may not be processed immediately. To receive a paper copy of your billing statement at any time without charge, please contact us.

Please keep the following in mind:

  1. You are responsible for providing the District with an updated and active e-mail address and maintaining access to your email with the ability to view PDF files.
  2. Although there is no charge for this service, there may be costs associated with electronic access to the documents, such as usage charges from Internet access providers and telephone companies. These costs are your responsibility.
  3. E-mails returned as undeliverable may result in a suspension of Paperless Statements and a return to paper copies sent via U.S. mail.
  4. Delays experienced due to the use of this service will not change any payment due date or the potential imposition of late fees. If you do not receive an anticipated e-mail notice, please contact the District for up-to-date information about your account.
  5. The District reserves the right to discontinue this service or modify the terms of this agreement at its option. If we do, we will provide you with reasonable notice.
  6. Billing statements will not be available indefinitely. Please save the billing statements to your computer or print them to retain a copy for your records.
  7. A change of property ownership will discontinue paperless delivery options.
  8. All newsletters and information as required from the district will also be sent via email instead of regular mail. If you unsubscribe from this email list, you indicate that you no longer wish to be enrolled in paperless billing.


The District will use reasonable efforts to protect customer contact information from disclosure to unauthorized parties based on RCW 42.56.330(2), which exempts customer addresses, telephone numbers and electronic contact information from public records requests.


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    If you would like to enroll a second email address, please complete the form again.