LFPWD Plant Exchange

In 2019 we started an annual plant exchange which was a great success. Thank you to the many participants and the variety of their contributions!

Beginning in APRIL and running until SEPTEMBER consider taking part in this exchange as you tend your garden, and divide plants. Come down and peruse the plants at our office near the entrance gate.


In addition to contributions remaining from last year, the District has ‘seeded’ the project with starts of:

  • Evergreen Huckleberry
  • Blackcap Raspberry
  • Salal
  • Fools Onion
  • Nodding Onion
  • Ocean Spray
  • Twinberry
  • Indian Plum

Our list of guidelines is short, please continue to:

  • Identify your donations as best you can with tags.
  • Bring your plants in pots. (We have 1 gallon pots available if you need them)
  • Leave as many plants as you take.
  • Please don’t bring invasive or noxious weed species (see more below)
  • The community of LFP is legendary for its gardens and generosity, let’s share the wealth here!
  • Please practice social distancing during your visit this year.

Noxious weeds -Please help control noxious weeds – King County has information and identification guides including this Citizen’s Guide.  You may even be interested in using your smartphone to report noxious weeds. Details here.