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Water Use Efficiency:

(Resolution 334)

Lake Forest ParkWater District is subject to the new Municipal Water Law that is regulated by Washington State Department of Health (DOH).  DOH has implemented regulations (Water Use Efficiency Rules) that are intended to decrease the amount of water use within a water purveyor’s service area to minimize withdrawal from the environment for the sake of fish and other wildlife while also providing sufficient amounts of water for new homes and businesses.

The District has responded to these new regulations by adopting demand conservation measures that include a schedule to exchange older residential water meters that under-register usage with new water meters equipped with low- flow detection (As of April 2009, the District had 49 meters slated for replacement). Other conservation measures include monitoring residential and commercial water use for potential leaks and increasing notification of the public about water conservation and steps they can take to reduce water use.

Collection and disconnect procedures for past due accounts:

(Resolution 313)

Accounts become delinquent 30 days after the due date. A late fee of 10 percent is applied to the outstanding balance. At that time a letter is sent to each individual account and the customer is given 15 days to either make a payment or to contact the office to set up payment arrangements.

At the end of the 15 days, if no payment has been received, or contact made with the District, the door is tagged requesting payment by 8 am the following morning. The customer is notified at this time that the account will be disconnected if payment is not made and that a $30 reconnect fee will be assessed to reconnect the service.

If the water is disconnected for nonpayment, the entire balance plus the $30 reconnect fee must be paid prior to the water being reconnected.

Payment arrangements:

(Resolution 313)

Arrangements are made for monthly payments on an as needed basis.

The office manager is authorized to make payment arrangements with the customer on terms and conditions acceptable to the district.

If payment is not made on the prearranged and agreed upon date, the door is tagged the following morning for payment by 12 noon or water will be disconnected and the $30 reconnect fee is applied.

NSF checks:

(Resolution 313)

All NSF checks are charged a $25 processing fee. Payment must be made within one week and includes the full amount due plus the $25 fee. The payment must be received in either cash or by money order. If this does not happen the account is disconnect.

The same procedures are followed and the $30 reconnect fee is also applied.

Filing of liens:

(Resolution 291)

The board of commissioners authorizes the office manager to file liens against properties for which connection charges or water service payments are delinquent for more than sixty days. Such liens shall include interest, penalties and attorneys’ fees, as allowed by law.

The office manager shall also have the authority to release a lien that has been satisfied in full.

Billing Rates:

(Resolution 302)

Bills are generated and mailed bi-monthly. January 1 (November/December usage), March 1 (January/February usage), May 1 (March/April usage), July 1 (May/June usage), September 1 (July/August usage) and November 1 (September/October usage).

Capital Improvement Charge:

(Resolution 295)

Established to generate a capital improvement money fund to allow the District to secure loans from the Public Works Trust Fund (PWTF) at ½ percent interest for replacement of aging water mains.

Methods of Payment and Payment Locations:

Currently the District accepts cash, checks and money orders. We are looking into the possibility of accepting debit and credit cards in the near future.

Payments may be mailed to the office, hand delivered between the hours of 9 am and 1 pm or placed in the locked drop box at the entrance to the District property.

Leak Adjustments:

(Resolution 270)

In the event of a leak in a customers service line, once the leak is repaired, the customer may submit a written request to the District for a one time only adjust to the water consumed during the leak. The adjustment is for current charges only. Water used in addition to the historical average usage will be charged at 80 percent of the current retail rate. The remainder of the billing will be charged at current rates.

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