Board Meetings are currently by conference call and are as always open to the public. Please download the Agenda for further information.


The District is an independent utility governed under Washington State law.  The utility is directed by a board of three commissioners, with four or six year terms.  The commissioners hire district management which is responsible for on-going operations. The District holds regular monthly meetings on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM. These meetings are public and you are invited to participate.

At this time, the District Commissioners are as noted:

Commissioner Donahue

William F. Donahue

Commission position #3 expires:  December 2021
Home Address: 5005 NE 187th St., Lake Forest Park
Home Phone: 206-363-4625
Email: BillDonahue at

William Donahue has served as Commissioner since 2011 and was a regular attendee at our board meetings for four years prior to formally becoming a Board member. His experience includes utility accounting, rate-making, financial analysis, and resources planning and has for many years been responsible for US Federal and Canadian regulatory matters with Puget Sound Energy.

Commissioner David

David A. Hammond

Commission position #1 expires: December 2023
Home Address: 3015 NE 181st, Lake Forest Park
Home Phone: 206-708-1009
Email: DavidHammond at

David Hammond has served as Commissioner since 2011. David’s professional experience has been devoted to WA State local government and he previously was the Internal Audit Director of Sound Transit. His knowledge relevant to the District includes procurement, budgeting, public records and ethics.

Commissioner Eli

Eli Zehner

Commission position #2 expires: December 2023
Home Address: 18438 Ballinger Way NE, Lake Forest Park
Home Phone: 425-870-7054
Email: EliZehner at

Eli Zehner has served as Commissioner since 2012. Eli is a Licensed Professional Engineer working for a consulting firm. His engineering experience includes working with local municipalities in water system planning, funding, permitting and design and construction.


The District has several full-time and part-time staff.

Alan Kerley (General Manager)
alan at

Debbie Leonard (Bookeeper)

Dylan Carpenter ( Utility Worker )

Joe  Jackson (Utility Worker)



Excerpt from charter:   (Full Charter)

The Committee is created for the purpose of advising the District on matters that directly concern protection of water quality of water sources in the Aquifer and Wellfield at McKinnon Creek and Horizon View. The specific tasks of the Committee include but are not limited to the following:

  • Assist in obtaining and communicating public input in regard to District’s Water System Plan
  • Facilitate cooperation and communication between the District and the community regarding uses and activities that affect the District’s well fields.
  • Assist in Wellhead Protection Plan evaluation and communicating public priorities and other public comments
  • Assist with communications and public community outreach efforts as requested by the Board consistent with the Charter and Board approved Communications Plan

(formed 6/2015)

List of current members:

Member Name Term End
Armand Micheline 6/1/2021
Regina Fletcher 6/1/2021
Julie Hungar 6/1/2021
Eric Strom 6/1/2021
Sally Yamasaki 6/1/2023
Cheryl Brady 6/1/2023
Amanda Royal 6/1/2023
Dana Campbell 6/1/2021
Brian Saunders 6/1/2021