Customers of Lake Forest Park Water District enjoy untreated well water because we pump from an aquifer that has consistently produced an adequate supply of quality water. We value this resource and in an effort to encourage the protection of it, each year the district recognizes someone that has made a prominent effort to protect it.

This year our award was presented to Dr. Julie Hungar for her dedication as a past president and member of the board of commissioners and founding and current member of the advisory committee where she engages in education and public outreach. Julie is a long-time resident of Lake Forest Park and has taken an active role in the District and the community for many years, bringing leadership and direction to the District.

So, we are honored to present the 2020 Water Protector Award to Dr. Julie Hungar “With appreciation for your visionary guidance and continual source water protection advocacy”.

LFPWD Commissioners Dave Hammond, Eli Zehner, Bill Donahue, our General Manager Alan Kerley, our District staff and community thank her for her service.