Paperless Statement Enrollment PAYMENT INFO Enrolling in Paperless Statements allows you to receive your bills and other important communication from Lake Forest Park Water District electronically via email.  This feature does not include provisions for online payment. Your payment can only be made with cash or check, we do not take payments by credit or [...]

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Customer Information

Customer Information If you aren't sure if you are served by us, you can look up your address in the following form. If it isn't listed in the database, then you are not a customer and should check this map to find out who your water provider is. Address Your Bill Billing is bi-monthly. Water [...]

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Water Use Efficiency: (Resolution 334) Lake Forest ParkWater District is subject to the new Municipal Water Law that is regulated by Washington State Department of Health (DOH).  DOH has implemented regulations (Water Use Efficiency Rules) that are intended to decrease the amount of water use within a water purveyor’s service area to minimize [...]

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LAKE FOREST PARK WATER DISTRICT RATE SCHEDULE Effective January 1, 2023   (Summary of Resolution 393) 1. APPLICATION OF SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT CHARGES (“SDC”)‡ SDC’s in the amounts set forth below shall be charged to owners of real property that use or desire to use District water. SDC’s for single family homes, shall be paid no [...]

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Water Source The water supplied to customers in LFPWD is normally sourced from wells within the district. Five deep wells provide the bulk of supply, and eight shallow artesian wells provide supplemental supply.  In case of extreme fire situations we also have emergency connections with Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) and Northshore Utilites (NUD), however this [...]

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