WaterSense Project Signup

For those interested in reducing their water usage, there is some free help!

The LFP Rotary Club and the Shorecrest Interact Club (a high school club sponsored by Rotary) have teamed up to provide and install WaterSense showerheads and  reduced flow faucet aerators in the District. WaterSense is an EPA program that provides specifications for high-efficiency plumbing devices. The devices will be provided by the regional SavingWater organization.

The club members have volunteered to, with the assistance and supervision of an adult, carefully replace your current showerhead or aerator. For those that would appreciate this convenient service, please use the form below to sign up and choose the best time slot for you. Your contact information will be passed to the organizers of this project who will contact you to schedule a visit.

Note: Your replaced showerheads and aerators will be left with you.

For additional WaterSense plumbing options, you can check local hardware stores. Here are a few examples:


This project is not affiliated with the District or it’s staff. We have agreed to participate with this initiative as a favor to those customers of ours who may appreciate this service.


The District will use reasonable efforts to protect customer contact information from disclosure to unauthorized parties based on RCW 42.56.330(2), which exempts customer addresses, telephone numbers and electronic contact information from public records requests.


    * denotes required field.


    Best time*Sun 12-5pmWed 2-5pm