McKinnon Creek Watershed/Trail Background Information

The Lake Forest Park Water District Watershed has existed since the Lake Forest Park area was settled early in the 20th century and has been managed by a series of water companies and now the District in a near natural condition. The District and its predecessors have operated natural, spring fed, artesian wells and a deep well drinking water system that does not require chlorination. Contrary to planning, building or maintaining a trail system in our restricted watershed, Lake Forest Park Water District’s primary mandate is to protect the watershed and our unique natural water source and continue to provide a clean, natural source of drinking water for residents of Lake Forest Park. District commissioners and staff are steadfast in their resolve to maintain the quality and quantity of water produced in the Lake Forest Park Water District watershed.

The City has had an interest in a pedestrian trail system through the District watershed for some time. The District is concerned that if a trail is allowed, it must conform to WA State Department of Health standards and respect sanitary zones around the District’s wells. Some of the wells are shallow and are susceptible to contamination from outside sources. If a trail is ultimately allowed by courts or through settlement, it must not potentially affect future water quality or endanger public health and must comply with all Federal and State requirements.

There is pending litigation between City of Lake Forest Park and Lake Forest Park Water District over ownership and control of unopened right of way within the District watershed. The City would like to use the right of way for a pedestrian trail. The District’s position is that the City of LFP vacated the right of way in Ordinance 398 in 1988. Very recently, the City passed Ordinance 1085 which repealed Ordinance 398. The City has claimed in a recent newsletter that with the passing of 1085, the City regained ownership of the right of way. The District disagrees with this position and is pursuing legal action to clarify.