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We hope we saw you at the LFP Green Fair where LFPWD Advisory members and staff hosted water tasting and a plant give away. Comparison taste sampling of our non-treated water to chlorinated drinking was available. Native plants given away as part of the District’s outreach program this year were Red Osier Dogwood and Pacific Ninebark. Planting more native species conserves water and helps provide food and habitat for local wildlife.

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Lake Forest Park Water District annual water main flushing will occur November 11 through December 9, 2016 Annual flushing of water mains insures that mineral sediments like iron and manganese oxides do not accumulate in the pipes. On occasion customers may notice color from sediments in the tap water while flushing is under way. This is a temporary condition and is not hazardous to your health. Please call the District office with any concerns or questions. 



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In May, 2016 Lake Forest Park Water District (LFPWD) applied for, and was awarded a grant from the Washinton State Dept. of Health with the purpose of "moving LFPWD closer to a Critical Aquifer Recharge Area (CARA) designation to protect its source water, and to provide education and applied learning experience for college geology students."


Applied Earth Sciences Inc. (AESI) was commissioned to produce a study to characterize the LFPWD source aquifer, further inventory existing and potential sources of contamination, analyze susceptibility of known contaminate sources, provide addtional mapping and gis data, designate areas of highest risk of contamination, suggest possible ordinances to reduce risk, collaborate with North Seattle College (NSC) geology students in a soil analysis project to study surficial geology in a region pertaining to the aquifer recharge, and produce guidelines to complete the CARA process.  The findings of AESI were presented in a public meeting on August 22 at the Brier city hall.


The following link is the final report from AESI as accepted by LFPWD.


2016 LFPWD AESI CARA Classification Report

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District staff and Advisory Committee members presented at this year’s Green Fair. Many customers stopped by as well as residents who wished they were customers! As part of the District display table, the District provided samples of our water and there were many compliments regarding the taste of LFPWD water.


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Newsletter September 2015


We are fortunate to have a group of LFP residents working to protect your drinking water. Current Advisory projects include:

  • Drilling of test wells to be done this fall by geology students from North Seattle Community College to assess location of LFPWD’S Critical Aquifer Recharge Area (CARA).
  • Locating and reporting on storm run off by City of Brier and City of Lake Forest Park storm systems within our aquifer and Wellhead Protection Area.
  • Adopting a neighborhood Watershed Watch program for our Wellhead Protection Area.

The Committee also recently endorsed development of a security plan for our Well Head Protection Areas.


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