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JANUARY 08, 2007

Commissioners present: Gordon Hungar, William Currie and Timothy Davis.

Others present: Roy Blackwell, Operations Manager; Dan Mundall, Engineer and Jackee Zweekhorst, Office Manager.

Dr. Hungar called the meeting to order at 9:03 am.

Dr. Hungar would like to change the Board meeting on February 12, 2007, to February 07, 2007, due to a conflicting schedule Mr. Davis will be out of town.

The Commissioners approved the agenda.

Mr. Currie moved and Mr. Davis seconded Dr. Hungar remaining as president for the coming year.  Motion passed unanimously.

Mr. Currie moved and Dr. Hungar seconded Mr. Davis serving as treasurer for the coming year.  Motion passed.

Mr. Davis moved and Dr. Hungar seconded Mr. Currie serving as secretary for the coming year.  Motion passed.

Mr. Currie moved and Dr. Hungar seconded adopting the minutes of the December 13, 2006, Board meeting as written. Motion passed.

Ms. Zweekhorst reported that after payment of vouchers the funds had the following balances: Maintenance Fund at $249,286.88, Capital Improvement Fund at $644,233.66, PWTF at $151,341.82 and Market Rate Account at $347.35 Revenue for the month of December totaled $26,081.21 with $17,611.82 from water sales, $3,087.11 in Capital Improvement Fees, $890.18 in Washington State Excise tax, and $4,279.57 in interest payments.  Vouchers No.092449 through No.092497 in the amount of $51,539.60 were authorized for payment.

Ms. Zweekhorst reported the following:

The tenant at 18116 33rd Ave NE has been disconnected for non-payment. Staff went to check the disconnected meter and found that someone had turned the service back on. The Commissioners instructed staff to send out a certified letter requesting payment by January 22; f not received staff is to lock out the meter.

The January newsletter was approved by the Commissioners for distribution to all customers.

SAA has not yet found a replacement handheld for the Waterware billing program; therefore Ms. Zweekhorst is going to search for a replacement unit.

Mr. Blackwell reported the following:

The potential leak on Feasels Alley turned out to be ground water.

The generator was in place for eight days during the windstorm. The generator will be run for thirty minutes each month to ensure proper working conditions. A discussion was held on training and procedures.

The Seattle City Light electrical pole in WHPA needs to be replaced due to old age. The staff would like to grade a section of ground within the area of the pole so the utility company has a permanent pad for accessibility when replacing the pole and servicing the transformers.

Mr. Mundall arrived at 9:50 am and reported the following:

No new update regarding the proposed franchise fee.

Brightwater is in the process of preparing to drill a test well at the Onnuri Church potential backup well site.

A discussion was held regarding the potential intertie with Shoreline Water District.

A letter is being sent to Isaac Huang closing out the PWTF Phase III Water Main Replacement project loan.

Mrs. Dianne Libby sent a letter stating that she will allow the District to go forward with the PWTF Phase IV construction. A discussion was held.

The Commissioners would like the District to apply for the next PWTF Loan prior to the deadline of April 2007. A discussion was held.

The Commissioners would like the staff to research pricing for an office generator.

Dr. Hungar stated that Ms. Zweekhorst’s title of Office Manager is changed to Office Administrator and Mr. Blackwell’s title as Operations Manager is to change to District Manager.

The Commissioners would like the Office Administrator and District Manager to purchase cell phones through the Verizon Wireless government plan that the District currently is contracted with. Mr. Blackwell would like to keep his own phone and have the District credit him the airtime fees for District use. The commissioners agreed that Mr. Blackwell would be funded monthly equal to the District airtime policy on the current phones.

The Commissioners have offered Ms. Zweekhorst a fulltime position as Office Administrator with an annual salary of $43,500.00 if she would be interested. Ms. Zweekhorst accepted the fulltime Office Administrator position.

Mr. Blackwell reported that Mr. Blackstock would be leaving the District at the end of March with a possible return next winter. Mr. Blackwell also reported that he would be leaving the District May 1, 2007. He would like the Commissioners and staff to start searching for his replacement.
The Commissioners would like the staff to place an ad for the District Manager position.

The Commissioners agree that on-call is to be compensated and a budget amount is to be set. Shoreline Water District and Northshore Utility District are the choices for coverage.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 12:35 pm.

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